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Dustin is an entrepreneur at heart. He built two successful companies from scratch in both the automotive and real estate industries. Those successes opened the door to franchising, which is where he really exceeded expectations, expanding a small company into 26 states and oversaw the expansion of the brand’s exit strategy and acquisition. From there, his franchising experience took him into the insurance industry where he sold franchises for an emerging brand. 


Those experiences eventually brought him back full circle to his entrepreneurial roots. Now, as founder of The Helms Group, he is sliding to the other side of the table to help clients find the concept that fits within their goals and experiences. He works for you to navigate through all the complexities of the franchising process. 


There is no better industry than the franchise industry; it empowers families with resources that can help them build generational wealth. Dustin relentlessly vets out franchise concepts for his clients and helps his clients ask the right questions. If you are looking to get out of the rat race by transitioning into a career as your own boss and CEO, or if you already have a great concept that you wish to expand nationally, Dustin has the resources and the experience to help you with both. 


“If you do something you love, you’ll never work another day in your life” - Marc Anthony

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